Missed Opportunities



We had an absolutely gorgeous sunset today. Like the best sunset I’ve seen in a very long time. The sky was on fire for a minute before fading into that soft, comforting rose color. I shot this field about twenty minutes before that. My thinking was that the clouds might be too thick to produce a really great sunset, that it would just kinda fade into a light, milky-orange color before everything went gray and then black. I had to get to dinner with the parents anyways. I should have stayed. They would have understood. We get great sunsets here in Texas pretty regularly, but this one is different and if I had just waited this field would have been alight with every shade between yellow and magenta. If there’s one thing I’ve learned today it’s patience. I can also come back and shoot this field again, but I can’t shoot that sunset.


2 thoughts on “Missed Opportunities

  1. It’s hard to gauge how a sunset will play out. My favorite is to watch even after it starts to get dark, the colors are subtle but the whole spectrum bleeds into the sky. Great pictures anyway!


  2. It is my experience that you never know what you are going to get when it comes to sunsets. I go and enjoy the experience of waiting. Two nights ago the sunset was amazing, but I was not in a spot to capture it (just in my mind’s eye). Thanks for following my blog, A Photo’s Worth. Every day is another opportunity!


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