The Flood


I guess I can officially say that this year has been a weird one, at least weather wise. I love weather. I love storms, I’d love to chase a tornado and almost did on accident until I got scared and decided to pull over instead, I like the snow because it’s something we don’t see here often and it’s different every time it happens, I get excited over clouds.

This year has definitely been a weird one for weather. We had massive ice storms in January and February. When I was a kid I feel like we never got them, but now it seems like it happens more and more. And then in spring it rained, and it just kept raining. The lakes that had sat at 10 or 20 or even 30 feet below their “full” levels were suddenly full, and then they were overfull with nowhere for the water to go. And then there was the flooding. Roads were shut down, homes were evacuated, my dad’s office had water a foot and half high. Summer eventually showed up, it was a little late and definitely over-stayed its welcome, but it felt like normal for a bit. The lakes dipped back below their full levels. The grasses and trees turned that dry yellow color. And then the rain started again.

Minus the flooding I honestly don’t mind. I love these kind of crazy weather patterns. It keeps things interesting. Some of my favorite parks are underwater so I’m hoping the rain won’t return for a bit.


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