Happy New Year!


That’s right, I just put my Instagram “Best Nine” in here. Whatever. Anyways it’s New Year’s Eve and I’m sitting at my computer whilst my boyfriend sleeps the night away because he was “just taking a nap” so he wouldn’t be tired when we went out. I’m actually not upset about this at all. I’ve managed to be insanely productive despite the alcohol I’ve consumed and the cat that’s sitting next to me. I’ve cancelled both my amazon prime accounts (no idea how I had two), let the dog out to pee, started and resigned five or six games of civ V, thought about paying my credit card bill and researched flights to Iceland (I’ve also managed to misspell half these words and retype them). Anyways, the point is that even though I’m incredibly worried about next year because of all the things I want to do that seem so out of reach right now, I have a lot of hope and, I guess, faith that I’ll actually do them. I’m already following through on some of my resolutions; cutting back on soda, keeping up with a blog; I’ve been doing really well at saving money this year despite all the issues I’ve had with my car and my camera, and tomorrow I’m switching to a new hair care regimen so I can get this curly fro grown out finally. I hope all of you have an awesome new year’s eve. Mine’s been different than normal, but good. See you next year!


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