Back to the grind


We’re back from camping and not excited about it even though it was freezing ass cold to the point where staying in the tent in my brand new sleeping bag was more appealing than going out and shooting. I really need to get some better cold weather gear. My goal for this weekend is to get an actual winter coat.

Anyways, Sabine National Forest was absolutely beautiful. I really hope we get to see it in spring so we can really get out and explore it. I’d love to actually hike through the trees for more than ten minutes before I’m shivering my ass off and trying my hardest not to complain too much. We didn’t get to have a proper fire either because basically the in-land equivalent of a hurricane rolled through the night before and the fire ring had become a small pond. This was a huge disappointment because my second favorite thing about camping is seeing how big I can make the fire with out the help of boyfriend person. We at least got to build one on the grill upon which we made some killer bacon and eggs for breakfast and hamburgers that were even better for dinner. I really wish I’d taken pictures but my hands were frozen and I was too busy throwing sticks in the fire. I should probably get some gloves too.

We’re heading to Big Bend next. It’s been on both of our lists for quite a while and we could not be more excited. Here’s hoping the weather stays decent.


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