Two Weeks!


We leave for Big Bend in less than two weeks and I’m almost beside myself with excitement. I can only get two days off from work (I could probably get more, but I’m technically an independent contractor so I don’t get much vacation time and I’d rather save it in case something big comes up later), so we’re only going to be gone for four days, but it looks like we’re going to jam in as much of southwest Texas as we can. For some reason or another boyfriend person has endless time at work to research stuff and has come up with the most awesome itinerary. We get to go to Monahans State Park which isn’t too far from Big Bend, but is probably the thing I’m most excited about. It’s a state park filled with sand dunes that you can even go sand boarding down! We’re not going to get too much time there, but I’m hoping I can get a few runs down the dunes at least. And of course lots of pictures. We’re going to try to leave Dallas at like 2 in the morning so hopefully we hit Monahans right around sunrise. We’re also going to check out Marfa, which most of you have probably heard of for various reasons(it’s where the filmed No Country For Old Men, I think, but don’t quote me on that), but most probably because of the Prada store (art installment), or the Marfa Lights. It’s also apparently a pretty artsy town out in the middle of nowhere so it should make for some very interesting photos. Next we’re hitting up the Davis Mountains and a natural spring fed swimming hole in the middle of the West Texas Desert, and then some river or another. The names are escaping me right now, but I’m super excited.


Anyways, the above pictures are from our trip to Sabine National Forest. It was absolutely beautiful, but I didn’t shoot nearly as much as I wanted to. It was so cold!


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