Etsy and beer


So I spend most of my Sundays and occasionally also my Saturdays working my fingers off on Etsy. Usually this entails editing the literal shit out of some photos or whatever and then attempting to come up with precisely 13 tags that are relevant that people will actually search for. If you need some new decor for your house check it out at Some of them are good I swear. And some of them are pictures that you’ve seen on this here blogamajig. If not that’s cool too. I feel insanely strange even mentioning my Etsy here, but a girl’s gotta pay bills and save up for a plane ticket or whatever.

Anyways I totally forgot that usually February=Drunkuary cuz it’s my birthday month and I hate getting older (30 this year). When I still worked retail, most nights would be spent drinking until bedtime and then going to work with a small to major hangover, but now that I have to actually make a good impression I try not to do that. BUT it’s my birthday weekend so I got some new brews from some local breweries to try out this weekend and so far they are pretty good.


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