Marfa, TX



Sometimes, it takes me six months to edit things. We ventured out to Big Bend way back in January. I went through all the photos (600 hundred of them) a few times and thought that I was a shit photographer and only ended up editing a few. I went back through some of them again last night, and realized I’m not exactly a shit photographer, the images just need some TLC and lots of patience. This is one of the ones that I ended up liking quite a bit, though I feel I may go back and re-edit it soon.

Anyways, Marfa, TX is a gem in the middle of the vast expanse of the west Texas desert. I’d been wanting to check out the Prada Store art installation for years, and finally got the chance on our way to Big Bend (boyfriend person was trying to talk me out of it, we were on zero hours of sleep and still had a few hours of driving left). It was worth it I think.

We didn’t get to spend too much time in Marfa, really we just kinda drove through, eager to reach our final destination and only stopping for gas and sodas. But just that drive through can tell you a lot about Marfa. It’s vibrant and colorful , the people are kind, and from what we could tell there’s plenty to do, (especially for photographers who love the vast expanses that surround the city). It’s an arty place, too. We didn’t get to check out much else that Marfa had to offer, but other art installations do exist around the town. I hope we get to go back one day so we can really explore this place. I’d love to check out some of the art galleries and other installations around town, and of course, photograph the desert.


One thought on “Marfa, TX

  1. Well I think your effort was worth it love the image, and I know where you’re coming from – I’ve just been going through images from a couple of years ago and found one i had totally overlooked as not very good and now I’ve realised that with a bit of tweaking I love it.


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